Object Solutions.

Harmful viruses, bacteria and fungi are easily carried and spread by everyday objects, such as mobile devices and car keys.  Indeed, any object which comes in to contact with other individuals or multiple surfaces can transmit pathogens.

SURFACE AIR has technologies designed to disinfect small objects, helping you control the spread of harmful viruses and bacteria.




UV Wallbox is an elegant wall mounted module designed to disinfect all types of objects where the use of alcohol and disinfectants are inadequate. During this time where there is a stong focus on the spread and control of infections this wall mounted unit is an elegent solution to ensuring high levels of hygiene.

Within 10 seconds, a 99% disinfection of most common bacteria and virus can be achieved on the outer surfaces.

The UV Wallbox utilises chemical free technology which neutralises bacteria and viruses through ultraviolet light. The unique combination of reflective materials and correctly placed UV lamps, provides a 360-degree disinfection of objects such as laptops, toys, teaching materials,
and office equipment, in just 10 seconds.

With a contemporary and simple design, UV WALLBOX is ideal for offices, hotels, educational institutions etc. And it is a decorative and long-lasting investment that can be used to fight common diseases such as colds and flus.

Key Features

Quick And Effective Result.

Increases the Quality of Cleaning

reduced bio burden.

Ready to use right away - no preheating time.

No alcohol or gel is required for cleaning.

Less harm to toys and tools than physical cleaning.

Good for activating and teaching kids about disinfection technologies.

Objects For Use.

Corporate Offices, Hotels, Restuarants And Museums.

• Electronics and tools

• Library books

• Glasses and jewellery

• Church books and walkie talkies

• Audio guides and headsets

Educational Institutions And Daycare.

• Toys

• Playgrounds

• Arts and crafts

• Tablets


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Surface Air Ltd provides a range of highly efficient UVC LIGHT disinfection and purification technologies to business, industry and the education and healthcare sectors.

UV (Ultraviolet) light is naturally occurring light produced by the sun. UV Light is broken down in to a range of different wavelengths referred to as UV-A (Long wave UV), UV-B (Medium wave UV), UV-C (Short wave UV).

UV-C light is very efficient at killing microorganisms.  However, UV-C emitted from the sun is entirely blocked by the Earth’s atmosphere.  Our germicidal technologies reproduce strong enough UV-C light to efficiently kill pathogens, including viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Using UV-C light for surface, air and water disinfection and purification has been known about since the late 1800s and has been an accepted practice since the mid-20th century. Adapted by NASA for space missions and extensively used in hospitals for over 40 years, the rise of the coronavirus pandemic has accelerated technical innovation to deliver solutions for our modern age and across many applications.

Surface Air has selected the very best UC-C technologies to help society deal with a range of pathogens in business, industry, hospitality, study and healthcare environments, helping you to operate cleaner safer space for all that use it.

HIGHLY EFFICIENT: UVC is highly effective and destroy up to 99.9% of pathogen on surfaces and in the air.  A cleaner environment makes for a healthier place for staff to work, customers to shop and socialise, students to learn and patients to recuperate.

KINDER TO THE ENVIRONMENT: UVC technologies negate the need for excessive use of chemical cleaning.  The process is residue-free and saves tons of plastic packaging waste, making it much kinder to the environment.

COST EFFECTIVE: UVC disinfection processes are quick, easy and safe while reducing the need to use lots of chemical cleaning agents. This makes UVC disinfection a cost-effective solution to thoroughly cleaning air-spaces, work-tops, equipment and small objects.

FOOD WASTE REDUCTION:  UVC air purification systems for industry kills airborne pathogens responsible for accelerating food spoilage help our food producers and retailers reduce food waste by keep product fresher for longer.

Unseen pathogens such as viruses, bacteria and fungi coat the surfaces we touch every day such as office furniture, bars and dining tables, on buses and trains, in hotels, production equipment and machinery, work/study tops and reception desks.

At SURFACE AIR we have a range of UV-C disinfection solutions to help you eradicate transmittable virus and bacteria, leading to cleaner healthier places to work, enjoy entertainment, socialise, study and travel.

Airborne pathogens are all around us. Each year millions of workdays are lost through the transmission of dangerous viruses and bacteria. At its most extreme (as with Covid 19 and life-threatening bacteria) our health services are stretched beyond capacity and society experiences significant loss of life.

At SURFACE AIR we have a range of air purification systems designed to destroy airborne virus and bacteria.  Whether you operate large or small factory and office facilities, transport hubs, hospitality and exhibition spaces, gymnasium, teaching space or indeed any place of work, rest or play,  SURFACE AIR has a UV-C  air disinfection systems suitable for your premises.

Harmful viruses, bacteria and fungi are easily carried and spread by everyday objects, such as mobile devices and car keys.  Indeed, any object which comes in to contact with other individuals or multiple surfaces can transmit pathogens.

SURFACE AIR has technologies designed to disinfect small objects, helping you control the spread of harmful viruses and bacteria.  The following is a short list of applications:

Business Retail – within any store where customers continuously make contact with products, such as in opticians, jewellers, shoe shops, cosmetic stores etc

Hotel, Workplace and Hospital Reception areas – where large footfalls of staff, guests and visitors are carrying hand-held objects

School, University, Public Libraries & Places of Worship – where books are frequently shared by large numbers of individuals

Healthcare – where medical equipment is regularly reused throughout the day and a quick and highly effective sterilisation system is needed between patient treatments and consultations.

Facilities Management – where office staff and visitors are bringing potentially harmful transmittable pathogens in to your building on hand held devices, keys, folders and pens.


Our countertop UV-C disinfection units for small objects and medium-sized units for larger objects are all design-led products with aesthetics in mind.  Perfect for reception desks and any building space where there is a need for anti-pathogen cleansing systems that blend in with the environment.

HOSPITALITY: Hotel, banqueting, bar and restaurant operators

HEALTHCARE: Hospitals, GP surgeries, dental practices, care-homes

SPORTING STADIA: Corporate hospitality providers

CONFERENCE AND EXHIBITION: Large and small space providers

ENTERTAINMENT: Cinemas, theatres, music venues

TOURIST ATTRACTIONS: Museums, galleries, visitor centres, historic sites, zoos

TRANSPORT: Train, bus and air travel operators and transport hub facilities

EDUCATION: Libraries, classrooms, laboratories, dining spaces

FACILITIES MANAGEMENT: Offices, banks, residential premises

HEALTH CENTRES: Gymnasium Operators, community sports centres

INDUSTRY: Production facilities, food manufacturing

SUPPLY CHAIN: Fruit and vegetable growers, transporters and storage operators

FOOD RETAIL: High street multiples

NON-FOOD RETAIL: Opticians, jewellers, cosmetics, clothing and accessories stores